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salam,gentleman mikham taze fpga ro shoro konam,az ye moshaver porsidam,goft ke bayad c++ ro balad bashi,guy C ro taghriban baladam o ba zabane barname nevisi na ashna nistam,hala niaze ke beram yad begiram ya inke ba hamon ettelaat beram jolo ?

The tutorial education and comfortable capabilities acquired through the programme, will generate capable graduates who'll go on to be Specialist chemical engineers within the market. Graduates can also eventually opt to pursue industrial analysis to establish new alternatives and modern processes or maybe a postgraduate path to an instructional profession.

Enabled a clock signal to feed UIB interfaces or ESRAM interfaces at the best and bottom of the chip concurrently.

This example demonstrates how to use a personalized undertaking into a set of documents managed by Simulink® Project. The instance custom made endeavor analyzes the Simulink designs which might be in the project, reporting the number of blocks in Every single model.

ممنون میشم یه منبع معرفی کنین بهم که کد نویسی میکروبلیز رو توضیح داده باشه . با تشکر

مرسی استاد …خیلی ممنون از جوابتون …بازم اگه مشکلی داشتم مزاحم میشم….موفق باشید..

استاد اون سیگنالها مستقیم به اف پی جی ای اومدن فقط باس دیتا به فیفو وصل شده و کلیه عملیات کنترلی به عهده اف پی جی ای گذاشته شده.

  targetDistance= speedOfSound * pingTime;  //This will be in miles, given that pace of seem was miles for each hour

ise ==> miram tu xps o microblaze ro misazam ==> bade synthesize o marahelel morede niaz miram tu sdk o code khodamo minevisam o file ba pasvande .elf sakhte mishe ==> barmigardam b ise o isom ro run mikonamo tahehs khoroji ham sefr mishe k nabayad beshe .

sin(pi /2) % sine of angle go to these guys 90o Any time you click the Execute button, or style Ctrl+E, MATLAB executes it straight away and The end result returned is −

The learning components are sent in lectures and tutorial spreading throughout the semester. All through tutorial, The scholars are presented formative suggestions since they perform with the coursework and their in-course assignment.

This part of the module hence concentrates on multi-enter multi-output techniques; determining whether or not loop interactions will induce problems and should they do, layout correct decoupling networks.

قبل از هر چیز از کلیه گام هایی که برای آموزش و انتقال دانش خود به دانشجویان و مشتاقان برداشته اید صمیمانه قدر دانی و تشکر می کنم.

Each variable in MATLAB® is definitely an array that will keep many quantities. When you need to accessibility chosen features of an array, use indexing.

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